Grills under 500 thoughts

Sat 06 August 2016 | -- (permalink)

While each fuel supplies results in its way, gas grills offer greater benefit than charcoal and natural gas grills. Gas grills are likewise simpler to clean, as there is no ash residue to throw away, and the fuel in a gas tank lasts longer than a bag of charcoal.

As we checked the grills in our lineup, we discovered that the very best grills cook equally, keep heat well and are simple to clean. Here are a few of essential things to consider before you acquire your next gas grill.

Low-cost grills are primarily made from thin metal, generally a range of stainless steel or a comparable material that decreases the general cost of the outdoor grill. While they might make your wallet happy, inexpensive grills tend to rust quickly and frequently have severe grilling efficiency. This is principally due to the loss of heat through the hood, requiring you to turn up the temperature level and use more fuel. While they originally cost less, you'll discover yourself developing cheap grills frequently.

We found that the best grills under 500 with a cook box built with a denser gauge of stainless steel hold the heat in greater, and grill grates made of cast iron retain heat more efficiently. These grills took a little bit longer to heat up in our tests, once they reached the preferred temperature level, they maintained their heat consistency well, even after their covers had been open for a couple of minutes while we turned and looked at the food. Thinner metal also bends more quickly, and the side shelves made from a thinner standard of steel felt lightweight and made us annoyed when we transferred the grills nearby the testing area.

Stainless steel grates take a bit extra effort to clean than the cast-iron grates on our testing designs. While the stainless-steel grates can offer your food nice-looking sear lines, they don't maintain the heat as well as cast-iron grates do. This isn't a challenge if you are only preparing a couple of hamburgers or steaks, but if you are serving for a prolonged time, the cast iron is the much better option for heat retention and cooking consistency.

The grills we checked all had two to 5 main burners. While more burners imply a larger grill with more room to cook and potentially more heat, we found that the barbecuing experience does not necessarily improve with the varieties of heaters or Btu a grill has.

Grilling is higher than cooking with a portable fire. It can be an art type, and a top quality gas grill gives you the control you have to make the very best outside meals ever.